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SchoolApp OnDemand

H.R. Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a leading pioneer of School Software which has always offered advanced and innovative solutions to its respectable business clients all across the nation. Our designed applications are simple, flexible, easy to operate and claims little maintenance. This Online School Software named as SchoolApp OnDemand is a complete package of modules which aims to provide quality school administration solutions in an effective and proficient manner. It is designed with the intent to offer paperless administration of the academic institutes and bring about systematic functioning in the school premises. We strongly aspire to provide the quality school management assistance and deliver the Best School Software to all our associated consumers.

Through this innovative and comprehensive School Management Software application, we aim to offer assistance to the educational institutions in the accomplishment of their tedious and time-consuming manual tasks with ease and efficiency. We have thoroughly analysed the school management applications available in the market, and after deep investigations and consultations with the industrial experts have designed this high-end ERP product which has earned the reputation of the Best School Management Software in the industry. Our rich experience in software development served as our strength in the development of smart and flexible school management applications. We assure that all our designed applications are backed by high-end technology to enable personnel in the professional accomplishment of their undertaken tasks.


Advantages of SchoolApp OnDemand –

·         Administrative and management functions within schools get managed within a matter of few clicks and scrolls.

·         It serves as a cluster of effective and user-friendly modules, ranging from Front Desk Management, Registration Management, Admission Management, Fee Management, Staff Management, Time Table Management, Students/Teachers/Staff Attendance Management, Examination Management, Library Management, Hostel Management, Inventory Management, Transportation Management and Payroll Management to Account Management.

·         Our online school ERP software has proved as a potential source for generating multiple reports and has varied utilities.


In fact, this web-based school management software is backed up with Control Panel and user accessibility powered by LAN. Along with this modular functionality, the system of school software can be accessed through multiple locations. Our applications are reasonably priced and makes budgeting procedures easy, moreover, our purchase comprises of a complete suite wherein we offer initial data conversion summed with regular product upgrades and unlimited online support.




  • Reduced Administrative Costs.
  • Offers a more flexible working framework.
  • Centralized customer service.
  • Reduced administrative workload.
  • Centralized corporate activities.
  • Improved business processes.
  • Increased security and minimizes fraud.
  • Reasonable cost of ownership.
  • More time to focus on strategic tasks.
  • Better informed decision making for management.
  • Parents can gain all academic information of their wards through a simple click.


Why SchoolApp OnDemand ,


  • User Friendly - Easy to understand and its user friendly Interface makes it simple to learn and operate.
  • Efficient Reporting Sections - Generates more than 450 powerful and useful MIS reports through the automatic analysis of data
  • Affordable - Low ownership and operating cost, gives better ROI. One can make payment in three easy installments.
  • Availability in both Desktop and Web Based Version
  • Text and Voice SMS Integration - With the help of this Service the institute can deliver voice and text messages to Parents’ and Staff, thus the information can be easily shared and not missed at any end.
  • Minimum Implementation Time - SchoolApp is implemented in minimum time including setup, user trainings and management of historical data.
  • Different Platform for Teachers, Parents and Students - SchoolApp provides interaction platform for Teachers, Parents and Students and thus, fills the communication gap.
  • Micro, Basic and Premium Versions as per the need of the institutions - Different version offerings for small, mid-Sized and big educational Institutions.



SchoolApp OnDemand is a brainchild of HR Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd which has been proved to be a necessary ERP product powered by latest technology. This product comprises of various modules which holds the potential to effectively manage various departments of schools ranging from front desk, admission, fee collection, transportation, inventory management to payroll management, examination management, etc.

In terms of front desk management, all the major time-consuming chores which were earlier monitored manually can now be executed easily through this automated one-push mechanism of our school software. Some of the major operations include management of enquiry requested by parents/guardians, notifying teachers and parents as well as issuance of visitor pass. Similarly, registration, admission, controlling library, maintaining payroll and report generation are processed easily with the help of this school management software.

Basically, intranet and web based system of school management is supported by this ERP software in administrator module, the school administration has absolute control over scheduling of lectures in accordance to every subject and class.

Appointing substitute teacher is efficiently done with the help of this automatic system of school management.

  1. Control panel module is beneficial for guiding the personnel in creating user id, defining rights of users further facilitating them with easy password change. Password system enables multiple users to login into their account by entering their unique passwords.
  2. Student management module has been designed to keep a record of students by compiling their personal details, fee details, exam results, report cards, attendance and class time table. In the same way, all the modules of our user-friendly and automated school software program are designed with extreme accuracy in order to carry out all registration tasks swiftly.
  3. Admission management module handles the complete details of the students along with their parents/guardians, viz., name, profession, contact number, address, location, alternate address, etc.
  4. Fee Management module automatically calculates the pending fees, payment details, deduction and concessions, if any applicable on the selected student and allows paying through any mode of payment like cash/check/draft. Furthermore, it presents a detailed account of the same in terms of student wise/class wise & section wise.
  5. Attendance Management system performs influential roles both for Students as well as for the school employees and associated staff members. Student’s attendance management software details act as a valuable tool in indentifying the irregularities in the academic interests of the students.
  6. Staff attendance module is used in conjunction with the payroll module to automatically implement the leave policies. Various types of leaves remain available for employees which can be marked according to the terms specified in the leave policies of the educational institutions.
  7. Examination management system allows the management to observe the progress of the student at different levels by considering his/her overall growth in the specific subject, and performance in the given examination and in the respective year. This information can be addressed either for single or for all the students at a single time, furthermore, it can also be extracted on the basis of both class as well as section presentation.
  8. Library Management module addresses all library needs and measures. It provides for issuance and return of books from students as well as staff, managing reservation for books, use of rule master for book groups, restrictions by class on issuance of book, dues, maximum/minimum issued books, generate and maintain book catalogues.
  9. Hostel Management module is specially designed to handle Child/Youth Hostels Associations and manage all activities related to a hostel. This Hostel Management System facilitates reservation and allocation of rooms, managing room facilities, maintaining outing and discipline, visitors’ records, housekeeping and cafeteria management, etc.
  10. Inventory Management module deals with all sundry purchases, issuance of items and maintenance of stock availability. SchoolApp OnDemand is crammed with a number of features like generation of requisitions, covering main store and sub-stores, generation of purchase orders, delivery memo, purchase bill, purchase return, employee issue & return, main store issue & return, stock ledger, stock statements and fast/slow moving items.
  11. Transport Management module has facilities to report the fuel consumption, insurance information, taxes information and permit information. Its advanced features informed about the bus stop & route provision to student/staff, number of students on each stop/route, number of stops on each route with area map, maintenance schedule and vehicle requisition for various occasions.
  12. Payroll Management module is designed for handling of remuneration/payment for employees/staff. The School Payroll Management Software module provides generation of pay slips, provident fund statements, professional tax statements, & salary statements.
  13. Accounts Management module features options for daily requirements, ranging from day books, general ledger, schedule balances, trail balance, income/expense statements and balance sheet accounts and also allows to drill-downs from balance sheets to vouchers and automatically manages posting of fee into appropriate accounts heads.
  14. Report module generates numerous reports that include fee details, student registrations, student admissions, classes, subjects, teacher’s reports and many more. All modules and the desired reports can be generated according to the user requirements.


Primarily, our advanced ERP SchoolApp OnDemand Software package comprises of two variants viz., Web/Internet based and Windows based.

Web based – The web-based version of the software application proves ideal when the user wish to make an access of the software from any corner of the world, therefore choosing the online variant will serve this purpose ideally. The only basic requirement it demands is a stable internet connection which will help complete all the tasks proficiently.

Windows based – In case, the user considers himself satisfied with the offline version of school management software, then, this windows based version will meet all his demands. The only requisite it requires is the installation of the software in the school’s system and they become ready to manage all the departments within their campus. School administration has absolute control over the varied functions of this software.

Why HR Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  1. India’s leading ISO 9001:2008 (QMS) Certified Software Development Company
  2. Excellent customer support with 24/7 availability.
  3. Best deals are offered to customers accompanied with modern facilities.
  4. Solutions offered match your requirements aptly.
  5. Being affordable without negotiating the quality
  6. Take less time to ground market for your product
  7. We foresee on strategic priorities such as next generation products
  8. Effective management of peaks and troughs as different stage of your product lifecycle

Above all, HR Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a one stop solution for Software requirements as our services have best deals and are available at cost-effective prices.



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